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radio new business development

Regardless of market size, all stations are faced with the challenge of moving inventory

The DSV Sales Conferences will assist in this effort. If used correctly, our sales program can serve as the perfect incentive when going after new business, re-ups and those who may be looking to leave. The reason why our program works is because we have mastered the art of leveraging audio branding for stations across the country. Our services allow your advertisers to be more effective on-air.  In the end, you can justify asking a customer for a marketing partnership and more ad-dollars due to the fact that you are supplying more than just airtime  - you are providing solutions!

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audio branding option:

  • FLAT FEE: $2750/package sold
  • ORIGINAL JINGLES: no recycled material from other markets
  • GUARANTEE: 90-day draft revision guarantee
  • CONSULTING: on-site advertiser strategy session sample our advice at Fox Business
  • JINGLE CUTS/EDITS: limitless cuts for jingles (60's, 30's, donuts and etc.)
  • PROFESSIONAL SESSIONS: no in-meeting karaoke machines and banjos
  • MARKET EXCLUSIVITY: an MSA non-compete for the duration of contract
  • PRE-MEETING: sales materials to help get prospects in the door
  • PARTNERSHIP: will work closely with your production to ensure ad continuity
  • LICENSING: restriction-free usage (any medium, any market)
  • IDEA DEVELOPMENT: thorough content assistance
  • STYLE CHOICE: any music genre along with a wide range of vocal talent
  • TURNAROUND: first draft will be delivered no more than 10 business days later

sales program requirements:

2 Package Minimum

$850 Flat Travel Fee

Two Market Visits